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If your pool is more than 10 years old, we can upgrade, remodel or renovate your swimming pool to look better, run better and stay cleaner longer than when it was new. From replastering or upgrading your pool finish to replacing your tile or coping, to repairing leaks, to permanently fixing structural cracks in your pool or deck - we specialize in top-notch swimming pool renovations throughout the North Texas area.


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Equipment Repair

If you’re having any difficulty with your pool equipment, you should give us a call. With over 40 years of experience, our pool repair technicians are among the most skilled and responsible in the industry. With years of training behind us, we get to the problem in no time.


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If you’re tired of maintaining your own swimming pool (or tired of the mistakes from the people currently maintaining your pool), you should definitely give us a call. At Blue Escapes Pool and Spa™, we have a team of trained maintenance specialists who will make sure your swimming pool is kept to the highest standards.


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Leak Detection

Pools can leak through any of the fittings or accessories, plumbing, or even right through the shell, which makes it very difficult for the average technician to find. But at Blue Escapes Pool and Spa™, we’ve invested in sophisticated training and equipment to quickly and efficiently locate hard-to-find leaks. That’s why we often get calls from other pool companies to help them solve challenging leak problems.


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Pool Piers & Pool Leveling

Under normal conditions, a properly built swimming pool will stay perfectly level for a lifetime. But North Texas is famous for flooding, drought and expansive clay soils – a killer combination that can easily cause your pool to shift by several inches or more.


The water on your pool tile should be at the same level all the way around the pool. If it looks off by more than half an inch in any area, you should notify us immediately for an inspection. If we find and fix it quickly, costs are relatively low. If you wait, the damage can be catastrophic.


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In addition to high quality service (which every company claims to have), clients expect Accountability & Timely Communication.

That’s why we provide fast reliable service & constant communication. Our goal is for you to enjoy your pool and not worry about it.

We Have Over 43 Years Of Experience In The Swimming Pool Industry.
We Can Solve Your Swimming Pool Problems – Guaranteed!

We’ve Won Angie’s List “Super Service” Award Every Year Since We’ve Been On Angie’s List!



As a loyal customer for four years, we have been pleased with Blue Escapes Pool and Spa™, as they have attentively serviced our pool needs quickly and attentively. Friendly staff is willing to detail procedures and any questions my wife or I have regarding our pool and equipment. Their online technology with reporting the services they have completed is an example of their efficiency and quality they seem to continually strive to maintain with clients. Very satisfied.


Nick Davis

“We are the manufacturer of the Chlorine Genie units. Thease units are sold to Stocking Distributors throughout the country. Blue Escapes Pool and Spa™ have bought and installed a number of our units. Their staff and installation people are knowledgeable and the reports we are getting back from pool owners has been positive about the Genie and Blue Escapes Pool and Spa™.”


Dan Tucker

Extremely happy with the work. Pool equipment was setup in a very organized and impressive layout. Design choices came out even better than expected. Thanks B & L!!”


Mike McDonald

Excellent company to work with and Bob (the owner) is very knowledgeable and helpful. Thumbs up!”


Angelo Rodriguez Jr

“Blue Escapes Pool and Spa™ did a great job removing our pool and decking quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend them for their professional, can-do attitude and competent execution.


Peter Groves

We had some substantial pool renovation done, including deck and waterfall. Bob was very helpful and provided a reasonable quote. Work was finished on time and with professional workmen. Would use him again for any pool work.


Barbara Bagley

These guys are great. I use them for weekly cleaning, chemicals and bi-annual DE filter cleans and they keep my old creaky pool in the best condition possible. While I pay more than I used to, it's worth the money to have it done right. I even get to visit with the pool man every so often and bring him up to speed on some of the idiosyncrasies of my pool, and he has been understanding and accommodating. I hope he is around a long time as he is the best!"


“I can't speak to repairs as I tend to do most of that work myself.”


Richardson, TX

Good people...they are there when you need them.


John T Atkinson

Fair prancing and excellent work.


Hector Guzman

GREAT COMPANY! They where able to tell me others ways of doing my repairs. Which helped me save money from what other pool companies wanted to charge me. I am very pleased with them and I am going to call them on all future problems I have with my pool.


Gary L. in Wylie, TX

“Anytime I have ever tried to contact them, they get back to me quickly with answers.”


Kinbur B.

I am very pleased I have used them for years. The technician is John; he spends a lot of time and does an outstanding job.


Bill G.

Words can't describe how happy we are with the updates to our pool. Bob and Leta were a joy to work with. I will not hesitate to recommend Blue Escapes Pool and Spa™ to anyone for any type of pool work.”


Glenn Ward

Was really happy with my interactions with Bob and other folks. I especially enjoyed discussing options with Bob, who I think was very committed to making sure things were done right and the pool and equipment was in best possible condition.”


Brian Metteer

“These guys are great! They know their stuff and are great at responding quickly. They are also completely transparent with the cost. No hidden anything. They'll walk you through the payment and any technical issues they find. Couldn't recommend them more.”


James Matthew King

They know the pool business. Honest.


Mary Encinia

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