Benches & Tanning Ledges

Also known as a “Baja Bench” or “Shamu Shelf,” this feature provides a flat, shallow area for  adults to relax and tan, and/or for children to play. Typically, only about six inches deep, it’s somewhat similar to a beach entry, except that it’s not sloped, and it usually has a defined edge, such as the coping of the pool.

While most people are happy with just one tanning ledge, don’t be afraid to consider the possibility of multiple tanning ledges for your project. Not only can they look quite artistic, but the can also offer alternating sun and shade at different times of the day, depending on the placement in your yard.




Diving Rocks

Considered safer than a diving board, this is a large, natural-looking rock placed at the edge of the pool, allowing many hours of entertainment for the kids.




Hand Rails

A handrail is used are used to make it easier to enter and exit the pool and to separate areas of different heights in different types of pools.





A slide provides an adventurous trip into the pool. Youngsters love it when a slide is built in to (on top of or to the side of) the grotto. If you build it large enough, you can actually put your spa inside the grotto, to offer extra privacy, and a more romantic mood.