We Can Make Your Old Pool Better Than New.

You don’t have to tear out your existing pool to put a new face on your outdoor space. At Blue Escapes Pool & Spa™, we know how to remodel pools in an efficient and cost-effective fashion. When you hire us, you can rest assured that you will be getting a dedicated team of true professionals. We pride ourselves on our detailed approach to pool remodeling. No matter what your vision for your pool, we have the tools and skills to bring it to life. The pool of your dreams could be yours.




There comes a time when the plaster of your pool starts to get old and pitted. This is mainly due to age and the years of chemicals eating away the finish. So, when do you need to re-plaster? Many people re-plaster the pool during renovation, about every 20 years or so. Some do it more often to keep a nicer finish, or to change colors. When you get tired of it – you’ll know it’s time to re-plaster, and Blue Escapes Pool & Spa™ can get it done.


Tile, Coping and Decks

Over the years, pool tile, coping and decks can begin to fade, crack, and become loose. In addition, the pool designs that looked good years ago may need a little help for today. We understand the most dramatic update that can be performed on your pool is deck, tile and coping replacement, so we make sure that you receive the highest standards in materials and craftsmanship from us.


Visit the Tile, Coping and Deck gallery.


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New features

You don’t have to tear out your existing pool to put a new face on your outdoor space. Blue Escapes Pool & Spa’s™ pool remodeling services are designed to maximize your pool’s aesthetic appeal and improve your swimming experience on a whole new level. Take a look at or equipment upgrades and a number of our aesthetic features in our glossary of features.


Visit our gallery page for more customer feature ideas.


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Here’s our recent remodel project.


Equipment Upgrades

Never before have there been so many options to improve the efficiency of your existing swimming pool. In the last 10 years alone, more than a dozen new developments have made swimming pool ownership more enjoyable, less expensive and easier than ever. We have a complete range of equipment upgrades that are available for your swimming pool.


From chemical management to spa automation to automatic cleaners, new breakthroughs have taken the drudgery out of swimming pool ownership.



Remote Automation


  • Turn on spa, heater, pumps, & lights from anywhere.
  • Monitor and manage chemicals automatically
  • Accessible from anywhere – even your cell phone!



Salt-based chlorine generator


  • Uses plain old salt to create pure natural chlorine
  • Completely automatic; never handle chlorine again!



Heat Pump


  • Uses up to 80% less energy than gas heaters.
  • Some models can also cool the water on extra-hot days.
  • Extends the swimming season for just pennies a day


Multi-Speed and Variable speed pump


  • Uses up to 75% less electricity than single speed pumps.
  • Runs longer at low cost, keeping pool cleaner.
  • Required on all pools by 2011 (FL state law)


High-Capacity, Low Resistance Filter


  • Requires less pressure to filter the water.
  • Lets pump run easily at low-energy setting.


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