Swimming Pool Repair Service


There’s nothing like taking a refreshing swim during a hot summer day. However, if your pool is not running properly, or a component is broken, your swimming plans and backyard safety could be compromised.


At Blue Escapes Pool & Spa™, we offer a wide variety of expert swimming pool repairs for residential and commercial clients throughout North Texas. We’re ready to help you get your pool back into working order, with any of the following services:




Don’t miss out on days of summertime fun. Our team is at your service to get your pool fixed in no time. We have the tools and skills to handle a wide range of pool-related issues, and we make it our business to offer our customers thorough, dependable service. We also work hard to keep our rates affordable without compromising on quality.


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Equipment Repairs


Our repair technicians are factory trained on major brands of pool equipment, including Pentair, Zodiac, Hayward Jandy & Polaris. We also offer the following repair services:


  • Pool Cleaners Repair
  • Filter Repair
  • Heater Repair
  • Salt Systems Repair
  • Mineral Systems Repair
  • Ozone Systems Repair
  • WiFi controllers
  • Electronic Controls/Automation Repair


For more information, contact us today or call at (972) 294-6950.


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Leak Detection & Repair


Pools are designed and built to be watertight, but the ground can shift, and/or parts of your pool can degrade or just plain wear out, causing leaks. Pools can leak through the fittings, accessories, plumbing, or sometimes right through the shell.


It is vitally important to repair any water leaks quickly – not only to save water and chemicals, but to prevent undermining the pool’s overall structure and foundation. Even a small slow leak can create large “voids” or holes underground, which can cause the entire pool structure to shift out of level and crack.


At Blue Escapes Pool and Spa™, we have special equipment that allows us to accurately locate underground leaks quickly, BEFORE we think about taking a jackhammer to your pool shell or deck.


Please call us right away if you see any of the following:


  • Higher than normal evaporation/water line dropping.
  • Consistently wet areas anywhere around your pool.
  • Shifting ground anywhere around your pool.
  • Cracks in your plaster, Skimmer or deck.


If you think you might have a leak, please call us right away at (972) 294-6950.


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Structural Crack Repair


There are a number of things that can cause your deck or normally super-strong concrete shell to crack, such as:


  • Underground leaks
  • Ground shifting or settling
  • Improper water run off around the pool
  • Improper or inadequate steel reinforcing structure
  • Inferior composition or application of the gunite or shotcrete


When shifting occurs, it puts a strain on the pool shell, and can cause it to crack. Water seeping through the crack slowly erodes the soil underneath which in turn causes more shifting and settling. Resurfacing a pool alone does not fully restore a cracked structure. Only a permanent repair will solve the problem for good.


When it comes to providing permanent solutions for structural crack repairs, we have the skill and expertise needed to do the job right. So call us at (972) 294-6950 and we will get it fixed.


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Pool & Deck Leveling


Under normal conditions, a property built swimming pool will stay perfectly level for a lifetime. But North Texas can be a little bit different. We have cycles of excessive drought followed by excessive rain, followed by drought and rain again. This causes our expansive clay soils to grow and shrink, just like a sponge. This can easily cause your pool to shift out of level, and cause severe damage in the process.


Call us at (972) 294-6950, because at Blue Escapes Pool & Spa™, we make sure your concrete pool decking area is in top condition to protect your family and your home’s value.


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Skimmer Replacement


Skimmers play a vital role in the cleanliness of your swimming pool. Occasionally, they can become cracked or damaged, resulting in pool leaks that can undermine the foundation of your entire swimming pool. Fortunately, we have some “repair in-place” options for damaged skimmers. In some cases, our special “injection process” can repair the damage and the leak without having to remove the skimmer. In other cases, there may be no choice but to replace the skimmer.


In either case, we can quickly ascertain the magnitude of the problem, and get your skimmer repaired or replaced in a jiffy, so that your pool becomes usable again. So call us and let us take care of your pool.


Please call us at (972) 294-6950 if you are looking for skimmer replacement.



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Natural Stone Sealing


Texas limestone, sandstone, and other semi-soft natural stones can look beautiful around your swimming pool. But if you have a salt-based chlorine system, the small amounts of salt can slowly but steadily erode your beautiful stonework. Fortunately, a simple application of our commercial-grade stone sealant can stop the erosion process, and add many years of life to your stonework.


Pools without a salt-based chlorine system will also benefit from our natural stone sealing process, as good old Texas weather can perform its share of damage to your beautiful stonework. Once again, our commercial grade stone sealant can take away the worry, and add many years of life to the stonework around your swimming pool.


If you are interested, please call us at (972) 294-6950 and let us take care of your pool.


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Pool Removal


We take great pride in our technique for swimming pool demolition and removal. Not only do we remove your pool completely, but we also restore the landscaping lawn back to the way it looked before you even had a pool.


If you want to remove your swimming pool, please call us at (972) 294-6950 and we would get it done.



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